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We design. We build. We communicate.

We have handled apartment buildings with 40+ units that need the same kitchen 40x, the same bathroom 40x, fire rated doors, and massive coordination of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and inspectors. We have designed custom kitchens that totally rework the floor plan to make cooking and entertaining more enjoyable and have top of the line finishes and appliances. And you know what we have found to generally be the case? There isn’t that much of a difference between the two if your only focus is on figuring out what is important to the client. We have had to fix enough problems that other contractors have left behind because (pick any of these three) 1) they didn’t listen 2) they didn’t show up 3) they didn’t know what they were doing. Unlike contractors who focus on getting in and out as cheaply as possible, we take immense pride in building homes, apartments, and offices that people spend huge chunks of their lives in. We know our clients need these spaces to function and look great.


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Sebastian has handled the renovations on over 50 units in multiple locations for myself and other partnerships I am a part of. The thing that blew me away is his design background. He switched around kitchen layouts for 13 of those, and a few changes meant we could use standard appliances and cabinets, saving us thousands and making the kitchens more functional. All 13 units had leases signed within a month of the project being completed.
— D. DiGeronimo
I’m obsessed with my new kitchen. I have always gotten used to the layout in whatever house we were in, and we always found ways to work around their quirks. My neighbors flip out every time they come over, and my husband and I pinch ourselves every day because we didn’t think we were the type of people to get a custom kitchen. They really just know how people cook and use appliances, counters and cupboards, and it sounds crazy, but I’m surprised how a great kitchen can really make your life so much easier.
— F. Richards
I had a kitchen that I was planning on having renovated for the sale of my house so I could move closer to my parents. Sebastian worked with me to keep the cost low, and although I ended up keeping the house to rent out, my biggest regret is living with a grimy, dark kitchen for so many years while my tenants get to enjoy a bright, beautiful one.
— Stacey S.



We will try our hardest to make sure all your friends and family are tired of hearing the name Axon Builders because you rave about our work so much and try to throw us into conversations. If they are all thinking, “We get it Bob, you have a great general contractor, now what did that have to do with my daughter getting accepted to her favorite school?” then we are on the right track.



About Us

Just some guys that like to get things done

Axon Builders was founded by partners with very different professional strengths. Sebastian is an experienced general contractor who joined forces with an investor and managing partner to expand services he can offer and how quickly he can get them completed. At Axon Builders, we focus on using design and communication throughout the project to maximize the budget and create a finished product that adds value to the property.